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¿Why Bother?


On every day of this year I have uploaded a post to my blog as part of a challenge I have set myself. However on one day I missed my midnight deadline. Surprisingly I was not devastated, a little annoyed true, but by no means upset. There was a time when it would have been otherwise, a time when I might have just given up on the challenge; however it continues and I continue undaunted. As Werner Erhard says, “All you get to do today, is what you get to do today.” Some days you don’t get to do everything you want, but the Sun still rises tomorrow. My wife usefully remarked that some places in the world had not yet reached midnight. It occurs to me American readers would have been totally unaware I had missed my deadline, to them I would have been on schedule.

The truth is that my schedule exists because I made it up, it is just a game, but it’s a game I play seriously. In truth the same is true of life we worry about being late for our work, missing deadlines, falling to pay mortgages, losing partners and we take it all very seriously. In reality all these things are a game which we choose to play, it is a game of many levels and each of the levels has rules. Our society has laws, our religion, has commandments, our golf club has rules, so do the games we play from football and tennis to parenting and relationships. We too often forget we are choosing to play and we believe we have no choice.

For every choice we have made others have chosen differently, there is always an alternative, ironically many of those who have chosen differently also believe they have no choice. I may choose to give up my home, another whose actions have brought him to the same position would complain of being “made homeless”. We make choices in life and believe we are compelled by our circumstances, but if I believe I must be a husband, a father, a homeowner, an employee, I am, in reality choosing, to live according to what society believes is desirable. I actually do choose to be a husband, a father, a homeowner and an employee, but I am not bound by my choices neither are they imposed upon me. I seriously, at one time, considered becoming a friar, but in the end I choose a different path, and I am clear out was a choice.  I do not suffer under the illusion that I must earn a living or be in a relationship or pay taxes, I do these because they are the games I have chosen to play and I’m enjoying them. I have chosen my blogging challenge, it’s a game I play just like the game of being human. I don’t have to be here, but I choose to because it’s an interesting game.



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You were on time here. And if not, so what?

Comment by Robert Frost

Precisely. “The truth is not only what’s so it’s also so what.” And that goes as well for what is not true, after all, “What is truth?”

Comment by springingtiger

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