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Success and Enlightenment


There are those who are born grounded in God consciousness. There are those who without effort come to that awareness, to that clarity of mind that becomes the unshakable foundation of their being. However for many clarity requires a degree of effort.

The Siva Sutras compare the successful yogi to a bird of prey that can catch a piece of meat in mid air, or to an archer who is so focused that all distractions fall away and he, the target and the arrow become one. This is a state that cannot be faked.

We often hear business gurus advising us to “fake it until we make it” that is, to try to con ourselves and others. I was watching Jamie Smart’s “Effortless Evolution” where he takes an opposite approach. The higher quality of mind of the “Three Principles” approach cannot be faked. If one does not have clarity, if one is at the effect of one’s circumstances, one does not have a high quality of mind. When one is aware one does not have clarity, it becomes possible to be aware of the thoughts obfuscating one’s higher mind and to change one’s thinking. I completed this blog a little time ago and selected all the text to paste it into my WordPress blog, instead of copying I pasted and lost all my work, painstakingly composed on my mobile phone. Fortunately because of my clarity of mind, rather than getting upset, I simply began again.

Just as clouds obscure the clear sky, so thoughts obscure the clarity of our mind. If we look between the clouds we may see the sky, so must we look beyond our thoughts to see the clear mind across which they float. When our minds are clear, they just are, there is no faking it, no hiding from ourselves.

It is very easy to become prisoners of our beliefs, just thoughts. Too often we try to follow methods we have been taught, rather than what we know intuitively to be right, and blame our failure on our inabilty to follow a path that was never ours to follow. We can wear robes, chant, sit crosslegged for hours, but we cannot fake enlightenment. We can surround ourselves with big cars and houses, all the things people, who know no better, associate with success, but we are only successful when we know we are. A man may be successful with just a blanket, another may never have enough palaces to be successful. Neither success nor enlightenment are in the minds of others, only in our own and only we can know, if we don’t we aren’t.



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