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Presentations and Anchoring


One of the tools in Neelam Bakshi’s Inside Out Presentation course is the old NLP standard of Anchoring. I would like to take a slightly deeper look at what we do when we anchor states to produce a resource anchor.

The technique is simple. Remember a time when you felt really happy, associate into that experience, see what you saw, hear what you heard, feel what you felt and when the experience reaches its peak, set your anchor. You set the anchor by applying pressure to a unique point on your body, like your ear lobe, that you can touch in public without attracting comment. Think of something else (break state) then fire the anchor to confirm it has taken. Then repeat the process with lots of resourceful states, like a time when you felt really powerful, a time when you felt really successful. Each of these states is anchored at the same point and cumulatively build a powerful state that can be accessed by firing the anchor. proven technique that people can successfully use to replace the apprehension they feel, before delivering a presentation, with a calm, powerful, resourceful state.

Notice we are not anchoring an event, but, rather, a feeling. Whatever the reality of the circumstances, what counts is how they felt, if they felt powerful then their thinking was powerful, they were in  a high quality of mind. The state they are anchoring is purely mind generated, in fact the state they are anchoring is being generated now, regardless of what happened then,  using an interpretation of a memory. Because of the way we believe the world and our minds work, we use these tricks to access a powerful state. What is actually happening is that our mind is , we are generating a powerful state now, all the memories and the process is a trick to bypass our conscious mind and the beliefs we have about how our mind works. Even if we understand what we are doing the process will still work.

There is no reason, apart from our beliefs, why we should not generate any state we choose. If we do not feel powerful it is an indicator that our thoughts are getting in the way of our ability to experience and act directly. Theoretically we may not need Anchoring, but a clear thinker will use what works, with awareness of what they are doing.


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