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Night Thoughts
July 19, 2013, 23:35
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Lying awake, as I often do, in the early hours of the morning, ideas popped, as they often do, into my mind. That time between sleeping and waking is often full of poetry and bright ideas. It is as if that interim state allows me to walk around my dreams, to investigate them and even remodel them. I keep a notebook by my bed, however I jotted down the notes for this in the dark, on Google Drive, on my phone.
When ideas present themselves in the bath it can be less convenient, I usually take my phone into the bathroom. I would use a notebook but bathwater plays havoc with ink and paper. I suspect the relaxed state induced by a bath is similar to the state between sleep and waking.
Insomnia produces a different quality of ideas from the relaxation. Perhaps it is the peace and quiet, but insomnia provides focus and time to think. In those quiet hours of wakefulness all there is to do is think. Insomnia is a time of developing and editing ideas, writing and rewriting.
Throughout my life I have been a wool gatherer, so many millions of thoughts, some profound, many trivial, most of them lost forever. Now I need my ideas, this year of daily blogging is compelling me to have ideas with which to feed the blog. And so I have my note books and my Google Drive to capture them. Now when an idea presents itself in the night I capture it with a few key words so the next morning I can look at them and wonder what was I thinking about. Sometimes I manage to get a blog out of them and sometimes I get hours of confusion. I enjoy a good puzzle.


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