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The Universe Said, “Tidy!”
July 22, 2013, 21:50
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(I wrote this overnight, since I finished it, the family and chaos have returned; it’s nice to have them home.)


Sometimes you just know the Universe works perfectly. Everything comes together in the right way at just the right time. Perhaps tomorrow fate may bowl you a googly (throw you a curve ball – for American readers), but for today, at this moment the Universe is perfect. I often say, “God knows what he’s doing, unfortunately he doesn’t always let me in on his plans!” However there are occasions when it is obvious that all this works perfectly.

We have been living with a wee bit of a guggle (for US readers – the house is cluttered) and despite our efforts little has moved. To get moving we needed the family out from under our feet, some time, decent weather and an incentive. My daughter and our grandchildren have had a holiday with my sister-in-law scheduled for some time. I doubt if we would have got very much done, but we learned that some of Neelam’s family from India are coming to visit is in a couple of weeks and we have invited them to stay. The house has been abuzz with activity, I have got the garage ready to store things, I even repaired that broken tile that has been nagging at me for weeks since I discovered it. In the house without people to interrupt her Neelam has been able to attack boxes of paperwork, from years of business, occasioning several visits to the recycling centre, with more anticipated. Things are moving.

When this is coupled with the prospect of a small occupational pension and a free bus pass that should make life easier, life is looking good. On top of this we are having a summer, the garden is not a no go area, but rather a source of pleasure. It is true to say that business has not, as yet, picked up as we would have hoped, however there are signs of a turnaround. The sun is shining and the future looks bright and the universe is, for now, perfect.


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