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“It’s A Little Baby!”
July 23, 2013, 23:25
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One of the many funny moments given to us by “Only Fools and Horses” is the moment after Del has seen his baby for the first time and Rodney asks, “What is it?” To which Del responds, “It’s a little baby!” Somehow I can’t help but feel, that is enough. The Duchess of Cambridge has just given birth to a wee boy and the response from millions of people has been utterly disproportionate. He is just a baby, no better nor worse than any other born yesterday, or any day. That his parents are members of the Royal Family does not make him any less nor more than a baby.

Every baby is special, every baby is a miracle and hopefully every baby is loved. The Cambridges are to be congratulated, but they have done no differently, nor accomplished more, than any other parents, in fact rather less than many. However they deserve to be congratulated as much as any new parents.

Most newborn babies have, theoretically  unlimited potential, they may grow up to cure cancer, discover the “God particle”, end world hunger”. Sadly, unlike any other baby, this new prince has very limited potential, he has been born to fill one particular role and whatever dreams he may have for his future are irrelevant. All his life from this moment will be governed by protocol and lived for the entertainment of the masses. Every action, every word of his, will be dissected and analysed and criticised, up until the day when a Prime Minister will give him the words he has to say. Perhaps this baby boy could have grown to be another Einstein or a Buddha, but he will never be allowed the chance to follow his own dreams, all he will ever be allowed to be is a cog in the political machine. It is true he is unlikely ever to suffer poverty or hunger, but the price for his security and comfort will be the freedom of his soul. He will never know what it is to stand on the cusp of success and ruin and chance all on one decision. He will never be allowed to experience the highs and lows open to ordinary people; in social status he will stand above the common masses but in terms of human experience he he will always be their inferior.  I congratulate the parents, but I must feel sorry for the child.


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