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Tyranny Of Chronology
July 29, 2013, 22:20
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Neelam told me one of her sisters asked whether we were planning any sort of celebration for my sixtieth birthday. The question assumes that age is somehow relevant, somehow real. Time is but one of the illusions we use to conceal our true self. In Saivism the illusion that we are a certain age, that we live at a certain time binds us to the illusion that we are individual and separate from others. Age is merely part of the false identity we have constructed.

We further limit ourselves by the illusion that we exist only in one place and thus exclude our awareness of omnipresence. We are not in one place, we just think we are. As long as we believe we are limited in space and time we are so limited.

More pernicious a limitation than the illusion of being limited by time and space it’s the illusion that we are somehow incomplete. We most commonly see this in the belief that we need something: a good job, money, fame, marriage, to be happy or successful whereas, in reality, we need nothing but our awareness of our own perfection. Virtually every measure of success we have is based on the received opinions of others, success lies in knowing oneself successful, happiness lies in being happy. Need nothing, be happy, be whole.

We limit ourselves further by our belief in our own ignorance. Rather than accept universal awareness we build around us a prison of all that we believe we do not know.

We think of ourselves as having particular aptitudes and attributes. We make these a statement of our identity, we even make our employment our identity. We are not what we do and neither are we limited by our abilities.


We obviously construct these identities limited by time, space, knowledge, desire, need and ability. They are not real, our perception of separation may be a real perception but it is not a perception of reality. We are deluded in our individuality, we are all that One I call Siva, some may call God or perhaps just consciousness. Whatever we are all one.

Am I celebrating my birthday? I am celebrating my freedom from the tyranny of chronology.



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But will there be a cake ?

Comment by Judy

There is always cake, although after yesterday’s afternoon tea I may not’ve able to face it ever again!

Comment by springingtiger

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