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Seeing Siva


There are few models of reality more binding than those imposed upon us by religion. Personally I am inclined to the opinion that the best religious beliefs can benefit from a little logic.
Some people make a big song and dance about spirituality and it is possible to take any simple system and embellish it. There are some simple systems that one would be loath to further simplify because they have been used for centuries and have worked for many people. However underlying any system, no matter how complicated is a simple truth.

People are self centred. I don’t mean they are selfish, although many are, but rather that all their opinions and beliefs are based upon a perception of “I”ness that places themselves in the midst of all that occurs in their world. All the pain and upset a person feels arises from the belief that things are happening to them, or to people things about which they care. In his commentary on the Siva Sutras Ksemaraja points out the error of associating a sense of oneself with the different states of consciousness so that one believes oneself to be one’s body/mind.

Some people are fortunate to, without effort, avoid this mistake by seeing God in everything; instead of seeing themselves in every state of consciousness, they see only God. Others may by discipline and practice come to remove their sense of self and replace it with consciousness of God. When Siva is anthropomorphised he appears as an autistic, Jesus is a social outcast opposed to Christian values, we blunder through the worldly blindly trying to see with other people’s eyes. When we see through Siva’s eyes all the labels, the things we know vanish, there is no you and I, there is only the One.

When I am removed from any state, how may I be hurt, who is there to suffer? Logically if all this is Siva created by him, of him, within him. then there is no reason for upset or any reaction to events but equanimity. However if Siva created all this to revel in experience, then it would, perhaps, be churlish not to feel a range of emotions; the problem is that God-consciousness removes the illusion of objective reality from the perception of experience so even our emotions no longer deceive us, but occur, rather, as the seasoning that gives life flavour and, like spices, we can alter the recipe as we choose.

Illusion, pain, seeing I in anything.
Freedom, bliss, seeing Siva in everything


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