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When Are You Going To Die.


Recently I got a letter from a former employer’s pension fund offering me various options for my occupational pension. In effect they were asking me to guess when I’m going to die. How can anyone know? I intend to live forever, but it may not be up to me.

When we are young we don’t really think about our own deaths, but inevitably when we hit a certain age we start to realise we are not going to live eternally in these bodies. Although death is more present to us as we get older, it is always present. The sad fact is that every day children die, young healthy people fall dead on the football pitch, bright young things go out for a jog and don’t ever run home.

Tony Benn will soon have a film about his life released as well as the final volume of his diaries. I read an interview with him recently in which he talked about his late wife Caroline, and how after thirteen years he still misses her every day. Death is a fact of old age, but wise than our own deaths are the deaths of those we love; still whatever the future holds I will always be glad to have loved and been loved. No matter what we achieve in the world’s eyes, off we have known love we have known the only success that really counts.

The insurance people want to know how long I think I’m going to live, I don’t care as long as I live every day. When I go I’m not going to die with a smile on my lips, I’m going look back on my life and use my last breath to laugh loud. I will be content to die and glad I lived, but first I intend to get my money’s worth from my pension. I’ve waited long enough for it, I feel I should spend as long, or longer, spending it. I see a PC and a shed in the offing!


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