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Hands Across The Sea
August 7, 2013, 23:10
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Neelam’s cousin’s daughter, Megha, from India has just been visiting us. We have had a very pleasant couple of days and my granddaughters, particularly the younger, were very taken with her. On Sunday night we took her out to Neelam’s mothers house for a family dinner which gave her the opportunity to meet three of Neelam’s sisters and their children.

When a family is scattered across the world, as so many are now, these family visits are very important. It is easy for a scattered family to lose its connectedness and fragment through lack of interaction. Every time a relative visits from overseas it fosters connection. When younger generations visit, and meet their contemporaries, it helps to maintain connections from generation to generation. For many years, while Neelam’s grandmother was living in Bearsden  her children visited from Canada every year, without Mama there is less reason for some of them to visit, it is worth making an effort to preserve the link. I think it is good for my grandchildren to meet so many of Neelam’s family, it is helping them become aware that part of who they are is Indian, it’s not always easy for young children to understand.


Another benefit of these family visits is that it helps to keep culture alive. When children belong to two cultures it is easy for the non indigenous culture to fade. At the very least, visitors from overseas stimulate curiosity about where they come from. I personally think that when children are aware that they are the product of a mix of cultures they tend to be more tolerant and broadminded. I am also inclined to believe that, when countries have historical links, as we do with India, those links are fed by these family visits.


The next step,if ever I can afford it, is to send the children on a reciprocal visit. If we do not work to retain these connections we will lose them and life would be the poorer for it.

It seems that in this age of virtual connections we can lose our real connectedness. Our ability to connect remotely on an intellectual level, may be more comfortable, particularly for people like me, but it is in reality dividing us. There is a misapprehension that people with Asperger’s don’t want to be connected, the truth is because we find making connections so difficult we value them. We can’t always maintain them, but we know how very important they are, however much we may affect otherwise.



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