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August 10, 2013, 23:47
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(Ideas come in the dead of night, this is an uncorrected fragment that presented itself to me in the early hours of a summer’s morning. I know not, yet, whether I may do more with it.)


And so I was trapped. When I saw light streaming through the door I had assumed it would lead me outside. I had not expected outside to be a terrace bordered by a sheer drop of hundreds of feet. As I looked for some other way off the terrace, I heard the distinctive slopping sound of the beast. The door through which it was coming was, I realised, the only exit from the terrace. The doorway, although quite tall was too narrow to allow easy passage for the creature which was forcing its way through. The rows of teeth in its circular mouth obscured any facial features it may have had, it was a mouth with, behind it, a body.

I only had moments before it managed to haul itself into the terrace. Desperation informed me and I ran towards it, I threw my rucksack into its gaping mouth which closed instinctively. At that moment I leapt onto its head and ran down its back, back into the darkness from which I had, moments before, been glad to escape. The little arms on its back clutched at me, but fortunately I still had my Bowie knife and hacked them from me. It was then I remembered my lamp was still attached to my pack which was now, I supposed, in the creature’s stomach. I hated the thought of being pursued in pitch blackness by the beast, but I had no choice.

To the right the steps continued upwards and that its the way I chose. Perhaps left and down, hopefully towards the base of the mountain, might have been more logical, but upwards is the direction for optimists, and upwards I climbed. I had been climbing for quite some time, feeling my way, unable to see a thing when once more, behind me I heard the beast. Suddenly up ahead I saw light. I stepped into a large circular window and again saw, below me, a vertical drop. However to the side were carved rocks and I realised I was standing in the eye of the huge carved head, at which I had earlier marveled and the carved rocks were, therefore,  it’s. There was nothing else for it but to climb, my fear of falling eclipsed by my utter terror at the prospect of being eaten alive.

I carefully reached out with my right hand and hit a group on the carved hair. I got my right foot into a gap where two carved locks crossed. Trying not to think of the drop I moved my left hand. The sound of the foul best was becoming louder, I quickly lifted my left foot from the window and started to climb just as the beast’s head appeared where I had been standing. I understood then why, although it spent its life in the dark. the light of the terrace held no fear for the creature. It had no eyes. Indeed, apart from its enormous mouth, it’s head was completely devoid of features except for two slits that appeared to be its nose and these were invisible except when it exhaled. I climbed, but the best did not follow. The carved hair enabled me to climb quite easily, but after some time I found my legs and arms becoming tired and there was nowhere to rest. At last,when I was beginning to accept the inevitability of falling, the climb began to incline forward and soon I found myself in a dished plateau, obviously the top of the carved head, and also the mountain.

Towards one side there was a small raised pond from which water poured down the mountain. It was obviously not a natural feature, but I am at a loss to understand the mechanism by which it worked and have no inclination to return to discover it. Beside the pond sat a man in a hooded robe, I remember thinking that were he a holy man I would feel as if I had climbed into a cartoon. He spoke, “The water is safe to drink and you probably need it.”
I drank tentatively, the water was sweet and refreshing. I looked at the man and immediately noticed his circular mouth. As I backed away he spoke again, “From your manner I assume you have encountered the Aurods. Fear not, I am to them as you are to the apes. I do not eat flesh. When you are rested you can follow the water down the outside of the mountain. It is safer than the inside, as long as you watch out for snakes.”
“What is this place” I asked, “it doesn’t appear on our maps or aerial photos?”
“I know of maps, but not the other thing,” he said, “however in answer to your question; in my language this mountain is called ‘the hub around which all things revolve’ but the name is the same in your language, Meru”


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