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Writer’s Block
August 13, 2013, 22:31
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Yesterday’s blog was a struggle. Putting out a blog post every day sometimes leaves me wondering about what to write, yesterday I was wandering. I took my own advice, selected something at random and just started writing. Because I have been watching Mrs Brown that’s where I started, it’s not where I finished, but it got me started. I found myself struggling, also, with the construction of some of my sentences, on one I spent about half an hour trying to get the right words, in the end I had to leave it and come back to it later. I had so much of a struggle that I could not feel happy with the result, however I had some positive feedback which reminded me that I am not always the best judge of my work.

I usually have notes for a few posts upon which I can work, somehow I had managed to allow my reservoir of potential posts to dry up. I think I have been so tired over the last week I just haven’t bothered to make notes and yesterday I suffered the consequences. To my discipline of daily writing I now intend to add a habit of making notes on at least one possible post each day. I have written before of the mechanisms I have in place for capturing my thoughts, what has not always been present is the discipline. Today that changes.


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you shouldn’t be so hard on yourself. we all have good days & bad, there is nothing wrong with that feeling of struggling with blog u did correct thing to leave it an go back to it. i enjoyed it , and i’v never seen mr brown nor do i know of any of the characters you wrote about but the blog was still interesting from your personal prospective 🙂

Comment by june

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