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My family seen determined to celebrate my Sixtieth birthday. I am, personally, of the opinion that there is no great achievement in living another three hundred and sixty five days and, therefore, no great reason to celebrate. However I much rather people consider it a cause for celebration  than regret, I like that people are pleased that I am still here.


There are several good reasons for me to celebrate this birthday. I shall receive my over sixty bus pass entitling me to free travel anywhere in Scotland, now that is something to celebrate! I shall also begin to receive a small occupational pension, every little helps, as they say. I am taking leave for a few days, as a birthday treat I am having a “Spa Day” at the Norton House Hotel, to which I am very much looking forward, it’s a great way to celebrate. A couple of days later Neelam and I are taking a short break in the country. I don’t see the point in celebrating birthdays, but the events of this birthday are cause for celebration.


Although I may not see much cause for celebrating people’s birthdays, they do provide an appropriate moment for reflection, not only on the past year, but on those which preceded it. The “big” birthdays on the decades, seen to be particularly a time for reflection. Sixty is a good time to reflect, I’ve got more than half a century to look back on, that’s a lot of history.


In a wider social context it makes a lot of sense to mark historical anniversaries like Armistice Day. Anniversaries help keep history alive by making them the events of our past are brought back into public consciousness and succeeding generations learn how our world, our country came to be as it is.  Hopefully as we look back on the past and as our understanding grows, we will take from it lessons to enhance our future.


As far as I’m concerned this birthday is very much about my future. The lesson I take forward is that, despite all the prophets of doom and the naysayers, despite the avaricious filth who pollute our banks, commerce and politics, despite those who would force their beliefs on us at gunpoint, this world continues to be a beautiful place. People are good and the overall direction in which humanity is travelling is towards the good of all. Yes there are those who propagate selfishness, greed and intolerance, but they are in the minority, they just make more noise, if we expose them, the majority of us can get on with enjoying this world. I am very optimistic about the future because my sixty years of experience tell me I have cause for optimism.



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