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I was reading in one of my gardening magazines recently that some plants make themselves less palatable when they are aware that slugs and snails are nearby. I was reminded of Lyall Watson’s books, which I read many years ago before the Secret Life of Plants by Peter Tompkins and Christopher Bird. Science shows that plants have consciousness.


I have also been watching some of Bruce Lipton PhD’s videos while reading The Biology of Belief. Lipton does that even individual cells posses consciousness and, not only perceive the changes in their environment, but respond to those changes.


Once we rise up the evolutionary ladder to molluscs, to insects, reptiles and mammals, even those who are unable accept consciousness in plants, will accept it in animals. It is this awareness of sentience that drives the impulse to vegetarianism. I suspect there are vegetarians who really don’t want to think of plants as possessing consciousness. It is inevitable that if we are to live we must eat, if plants possess consciousness then it removes any grounds for sanctimony from vegetarians. We all feed off others, I choose to be vegetarian, but as a Saivite there is no food forbidden to me.


Everything has consciousness, everything is of its essence consciousness and we are all connected on this web of life. Eat what is good for you, listen to the needs of your body and be grateful to the food that gives its life so you may live. Treat your food with respect, gratitude and awareness. Demand happy food reared or grown in a caring environment and honor it by preparing it with care and relishing every mouthful. Give thanks.



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