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August 26, 2013, 23:48
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They say that home is, “where the heart is”. Some people may interpret that as some place to which they are particularly attached, I have a different interpretation. As long as my heart beats in my chest then home is whatever I am and if I do not feel at home it is a message to examine how I am thinking.

I have felt at home in many places, but the place I note call home, and have for many years, is Glasgow. I call Glasgow home because here I feel at home, however it is not the place, but rather the people that make it home. Having said that Glasgow is a wonderful place. It is not for nothing Glasgow is called the, “dear green place” it is green with more public park per person than anywhere in Europe as well as Europe’s oldest public park. With her parks and her Victorian architecture, Glasgow is beautiful, furthermore no part of the city is more than a short bus ride from open countryside. If Edinburgh, the capital, is the head of Scotland, Glasgow is her heart and sense of humour.

I was brought up and educated largely in Yorkshire, and for Yorkshire I will always have great affection. If any people resemble the Glaswegian for their generosity and dry sense of humour then Yorkshire is where you are most likely to find them. I grew up in the Yorkshire Dales National Park, how could anyone not love so beautiful a place?

I have considerable affection for Bangor, County Down because it is my family’s home town and I have warm memories of holidays in my grandmother’s house. However Bangor only occurs for me as home in the way that Ireland is home for millions of people around the world who have never actually lived there, or as Jerusalem is for the world’s Jews.


One city in which I feel very much at home is Delhi although I have only been there a couple of times. Delhi is home to my wife Neelam’s family and I have always felt welcome there. The people of Delhi are warm and friendly, however I have usually been in the company of family so I can’t say what it is like for someone inn their own. The only shopping I did in Delhi on my own was in bookshops and I must say the books were well priced, books are always present in my home.

I have lived in various houses some more home to me than others. However I am very much aware that it is people that make any place feel like home and that is as true of a house as a city. Home may be where my heart is, but what makes it feel like home is the people around me; wherever I am, if Neelam is with me, I am home.



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