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It is once more time to draft my curriculum vitae and start searching for new employment. However it occurs to me that all we ever present to the world is a distortion because people are only interested in us as far as we fit their needs.  No employer is really interested in their employees as people beyond ensuring they will fit in with the company. As for me, when I draft my CV it will be targeted at the company to which I am applying, I will present them with a personality I have constructed to fit their needs, it may bear little  resemblance to who I really am.

My CV is most likely to be sent to call centre companies because, since joining Post Office Telephones (later British Telecom), that has been my main employment and so it will focus on over thirty years of experience in the telephone industry. However being a telephone operator is only a small part of who I am. I don’t suppose an employer really wants to know about my Trades Union experience however valuable it was. For over a year I was responsible for drawing up staff side staffing proposals which involved, not only constructing the staffing time charts (Straight Line Diagrams), but also negotiating with management and, harder still, with one’s own members. As Treasurer I was responsible for managing the branch’s income and expenditure, drawing up the accounts and presenting audited accounts to the Annual General Meeting, a responsible rule demanding one to be trustworthy and conscientious. I spent several years as a branch chairman, responsible for the branch, I had to manage both branch and committee meetings, ensuring business was done without leaving fragile egos bleeding on the floor. As branch chair I was involved in negotiations, I represented staff  in disciplinary hearings. However the experience that made a huge impact on me was the public speaking, not only in the branch, but before several hundred colleagues at national conference.

I find public speaking exciting, but it not something that is natural to me, indeed out is contrary to my every instinct. Strangely I find it easier to speak to large, rather than small, groups. Having experience of public speaking made it easier for me when, as a manager, I became a training officer, I love training. In BT, before they centralised training design, I did everything, the training needs audit, course design, preparing all the materials, and the delivery it was fun and very satisfying. I have not done a lot of training since leaving BT except for occasionally helping Neelam with her courses.

I enjoyed writing training materials, I still do, more to the point, I enjoy writing. I have been blogging for several years more and, as regular readers knew, this year I have been posting every day in order to establish a discipline. My themes tend to be drawn from my experiences of being a mature autistic, but not exclusively so, I write also from my experience off personal and spiritual development..Sadly I have not as yet, found someone who wants to pay me to write.

I left my theological studies without completing my degree. Not that I ever ceased to study, but I studied as I chose. I trained in faith accompaniment, was certified as a massage therapist and later as an NLP master practitioner. I have dabbled in various healing modalities, attainment as a Reiki master was a revelation as hitherto I used my own energy to heal people which always left me depleted. I am quite enamoured both of EFT which I learned from Karl Dawson, and of Access Consciousness to which I have only recently come.

Many of the jobs I have had may not be relevant, waiter, warehouse worker, shop assistant, massage therapist, nursing auxiliary, elderly support worker. However they demonstrate a willingness to work at anything rather than be idle. One of the things I bring is sixty years of experience and a work ethic from before it was acceptable to live on benefits. I suppose, perhaps, I am of a different age, but I bring with me values that stand in any age.

Another aspect of myself that will be of no interest to employers is the previously mentioned spiritual development which began when I was four years old with finding myself in the presence of God and has frequently included the sort of experiences that undermine conventional Newtonian views of reality. I am a Saivite monist, a point of view which predates Newtonianism yet anticipates modern physics. It matters to me,  it’s part of who I am, but employers want a part, they don’t need to know the whole.

I suppose it is time to draft a CV and start job hunting. I have bought a new suit for interviews, now all I need is an interview at which to wear it. “Gie’s a job, I can do that. Gie’s a job.”



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Would you consider helping packaging and presenting some of my skills and share the revenue accordingly?

Comment by Robert Frost

Robert, you are my friend, I would be happy to help you anyway, although I have to admit income would be a bonus.

Comment by springingtiger

Hi. I remember that you wrote a post about work/employment long ago and I would like to reread it and maybe link to it, but I can’t find it. Are you able to give me a direct link? (or alternatively, enable a search function on your blog so I can find it myself without trawling through the archives)

Comment by Mados

Ouch, leave it with me I’ll have a look.

Comment by springingtiger


Comment by Mados

Not sure of which post you are thinking so as I find links I’ll send them. https://springingtiger.wordpress.com/2009/12/11/dont-write-me-off/


Well that’s two for a start.


Comment by springingtiger

Thank you!

I think it was a different one, but I like these two as well!

It is over my bed time so I won’t do anything more right now, but I will come back.

Comment by Mados

Update: I added one of them to my link page to blog posts about employment & aspergers (currently in its infancy): http://mados.wordpress.com/employment/

Comment by Mados

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