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August 30, 2013, 21:05
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Some sit silent, their senses withdrawn , blocking out the world. I,  on the other hand,  sit silent,  but my senses are not withdrawn. The stillness enhances my senses.

There is no silence. I hear the songs of birds and of children in the playground. Around my house there are clocks ticking in every room. There is no silence. I sit listening to my own pulse,  my own heart beat,  even the gentle sigh of my own breath. Within and without,  the silence is filled with sound.

The stillness heightens my awareness,  both of my body  and my environment, while removing the apparent separation between them. I feel my clothes against my skin,  but the temperature I feel in my body is both without and within.  I am one with my world,  in stillness there is no separation.

Thoughts arise,  but from whence?  In stillness I sit and watch the thoughs arise and subside like waves on the sea, or clouds in the sky. Whose thoughts are they, from whence do they arise?  I sit in stillness,  watching thoughts,  not thinking, until all thoughts subside. In the end there is only stillness.



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