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September 2, 2013, 23:07
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Yesterday was a good day, it was, in fact,  very much better and more enjoyable than I expected. Had it been up to me,  I should have spent my birthday quietly at home, however Neelam had organised afternoon tea at the Beardmore Hotel for the family.  I was not looking forward to it,  birthdays are not just for the person whose birthday it is,  but also their friends and family.


The day began well. My daughter, Ambika, gave me a very nice pocket watch.  She also made me a beautiful card with Yin Yang dragons. My mood was lowered by leaving late to get my grandchildren to take them to the hotel,  but was lifted again when I was given their home made pop-up cards. The little one had drawn a pig in her card which she insisted was her mummy.


I must admit that I enjoyed myself immensely. There were just twelve of us, including children;  when you have small children, no further entertainment is needed. Neelam’s family were overly generous,  there was a time when I would have remonstrated with them,  but I have learned it would be futile, when they give they give. Nisha, Neelam’s youngest sister, sees me as a perpetual child and gave me a large basket of sweets,  mostly appropriate for children,  things like popping candy and lollipops.


The Beardmore,  we have learned over the years,  serves a substantial afternoon tea at a reasonable price. We had a mixture of sandwiches,  ample provision was made for both our meat eaters and vegetarians. The freshly baked scones were still warm and delicious. The range of cakes was varied. There was a little left over at the end, despite Rhiannon getting a second wind and clearing the sandwiches. The twelve of us were satisfied for a very good price,  it was worth every penny.


I had not expected to enjoy myself,  but the atmosphere was relaxed,  the company convivial, and the food, good. It was a thoroughly enjoyable afternoon, rounded off by phone calls from the sister in law who couldn’t make it and from my brother.  A happy birthday.


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Happy Birthday!

Comment by Siva

Thank you, I hope your family are all well.

Comment by springingtiger

We are doing very well. Akshath and Abhi are in 10th grade and 12th grade. Busy with usual stuff.

Comment by Siva

I’m glad the boys are doing well, but not at all surprised. Pass my regards to them and to Gita.

Comment by springingtiger

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