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The Power of The Unknown.
September 5, 2013, 22:50
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What will I be doing next year? In all honesty I have no idea. Had redundancy not presented itself, I suppose, I might have expected to be working four nights a week in a call centre, but now nothing is certain. Strangely I feel quite liberated, it is as if the combination of turning sixty and becoming redundant marks the beginning of a new era. Not an end, but a beginning.


Because, at the moment, nothing is fixed, nothing is scheduled, the future exists entirely in the realm of possibility. Because the future is empty, there is no limit on my possibilities except those I place on them. If I tell myself I have limits then I am limited.  One might argue that, realistically everyone is limited by training, aptitude, or physical capability, but in this moment, poised between the past and future there is no limit, only the power of the unknown. I have written before about the power contained in the question and the limiting power of the answer. The question is the power of the unknown directed and focused. However there is a place of raw power preceding the question, the moment before even the question is formulated.

In Saivite teaching just before creation begins, with a vibration in the nothingness of the meditating Siva, there is only potential, only raw power. When the idea of creation arises that raw power is directed to an end, but direction defines and limits power. For a moment I rest, like Siva, in raw unfettered potential. When I chose a direction I become, once more, human, but for this short, glorious moment.  I am without limits, I am divine, I am Siva.



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