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Just Stop!
September 7, 2013, 21:04
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Small children are funny, at least at the age of three. My granddaughter knows what she wants and she tends to want it immediately. This morning I was in the bathroom, long before the time at which she reluctantly drags herself out of bed, when I heard a knock on the door.
“Nana I need the toilet”
“Wait, I’m using it.”
“Just stop”
I had to laugh, I also had to move quickly because when she needs to go, she needs to go. Her life is very immediate, there is no room for delayed gratification, there’s is no real concept either of the future or the past. Strangely, while I may not separate past, present, and future, even at her age I could delay gratification. When I ate I always saved the good I liked best until last, eating everything else my plate prior to luxuriating in my favourite flavours. However I have to admit that when I want to eat I can be fractious if delayed.

I suppose that she will, in time, as did we all, learn to go to the bathroom before disaster is imminent. I, of course, have reached that age where, if I see a bathroom, I go anyway, if only to pass a spare moment. It is very difficult to get my granddaughter to visit the bathroom even before a journey. If she feels no immediate need there is, as far as she is concerned, no need. She has no ability to project into the future based on past experience and so cannot anticipate future need. With time, I daresay, she will be able to apply logic to her situation. In the meantime I shall just have to hurry.


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