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Thirty Years of est (Part Two)
September 12, 2013, 20:51
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Today I am so tired I really am not in the mood for blogging, I was at a friend’s funeral and feel completely drained. This seems the ideal moment to talk about Integrity, one of the most important  lessons I learned from the est training. The simplest definition of integrity is, “say what you are going to do and do it”. I have said I would post my blog every day of 2013. I have all sorts of really good reasons for not writing today, but as est taught me, you can either have results or reasons. Est also taught me that reasons don’t make a difference; what makes a difference is doing what I said I would or to put it another way integrity, “living as my word”.

The amusing thing is how great, sometimes, can be my resistance to being in integrity, which taught me something about resistance. Werner Erhard says that, “what you resist, persists” this is usually applied to the things in life we don’t want to do, but I hadn’t realised that it includes integrity. The more I resist being in integrity, the more present is my awareness and discomfort at not being in integrity. When you do what you say you will everything is simple, not necessarily easy, possibly hard work, but simple. Resisting being in integrity is tiring, it requires considerable psychological effort to construct the web of excuses and reasons you need to avoid doing what you said. Resisting being in integrity is so much harder than just doing what you said in the first place and so I wrote my blog, it was easier than not.


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