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Family Fun and Games
September 16, 2013, 20:43
Filed under: autism, disability, Parenting

I actually quite enjoy family events, even weddings. Family get togethers are better than events that include strangers, but strangers are more bearable when there are plenty of relatives around. I am glad I made the effort to get to a family wedding yesterday, although I am paying for it now. The wedding ceremony as I posted yesterday was lovely and I enjoyed it. Unfortunately I have only a limited tolerance for all the stuff that surrounds any wedding.

Usually when I am going to work art night I spend the previous afternoon asleep, but for family, sacrifices must be made. Unfortunately making those sacrifices has left me in a degree of discomfort, I really needed a little more time before I started pushing myself. However it was worth it to connect with so many family members I rarely see.

I had hoped to be able to stay at the wedding until after dinner. Unfortunately the start of dinner gradually seemed to get later so it became apparent that if I were to eat before work I needed to leave. In all honesty once I saw the seating plan I was disinclined to remain, Neelam and I were placed on a table with complete strangers and no family. I don’t like talking to strangers so I would not have wanted to stay even had I the time. My daughter was invited to the evening reception and thoroughly enjoyed herself.

I really do need to sleep, but now I’m on rotation for a few days. One problem is that once my routine is thrown out it takes time to settle down again, it may take a few days. This is the point at which I decide I will not put myself out to get to a family event again, and I know I will because they are family and family matters. Give me a few days to settle and let me make up my sleep and I will have thoroughly enjoyed every minute of the day.


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