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Sunsets and the Skies of Now


I love our Glasgow skies. Where I live I have a view down the Clyde valley to the west and the Old Kilpatrick hills. I have been in some beautiful countries, but our Summerston sunsets are as magnificent as any. Neither India, nor Morocco, Turkey, Greece nor France can better a sunset in Summerston. Not only are our sunsets magnificent, but we have breathtaking cloud formations, frequently beautifully lit by the evening sun.  One of the most beautiful sights I have ever seen, I saw on a sunny summer’s afternoon in Summerston; as I climbed the hill to home, full moon hung in a cloudless blue sky. Sometimes our skies are so beautiful I am compelled to stand and just bathe in their beauty.


What does it require to enjoy such magnificent moments, such beauty? Is it dependent upon meteorological phenomena, or perhaps a fortunate accident of geography? In fact I have enjoyed such beauty in many countries and in many places in our own, the requirement is to be present. By present, I mean to be in the moment and not in one’s head, sometimes one can’t see the sunset because one’s vision is obscured by bank statements, mortgages, bills, letters from one’s children’s school. To see beauty one’s vision must be clear of thought and thinking, all it requires is an unclouded mind. There are times, however, when the beauty of the skies can wrench the mind from its thinking and stop the world, allowing, for a moment one’s soul to be nourished by unadulterated experience. I make it a personal practice, every day, to take a brief holiday from all my cares and business, by immersing myself in the beauty of the sky.



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