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September 19, 2013, 21:38
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And so it begins,
The unremitting grey
Of a Glasgow winter day.
Grey today,
Grey tomorrow,
Grey the skies;
The heavens sorrow
For the demise
Of Summer’s Sun.
Too wet the lawn
For final cut,
Overflows the water butt,
The rose rots upon the bough.
Unpack the woolies
And the waterproofs
For it is winter now.
I doubt we’ll see
The sun again.
The grey tells me
To expect rain,
Stoke the fires,
Turn up the heating;
Despite desires,
There is no beating
Annual seasons turn;
No good to yearn
For sunny days,
Turn to leaf sweeping.
Focus now on keeping
Warm and dry and heap
Coals high upon the fire;
The skies alone need weep.
Indoors wrapped up warm,
While outside animals sleep,
The winter has her own charm.
Red leaves fall from the bough
And sweetpeas from the wire,
Bank up, with coal, the fire
For it is winter now.



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