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More Thoughts on Integrity
September 22, 2013, 20:49
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I have been thinking about integrity, largely because I am missing the Landmark international seminar on integrity. Earlier this year I took annual leave so that I might make seminar sessions, but now my leave is all accounted for, I have none to spare. Sadly, while Landmark’s international format has gone a long way in accommodating participants geographical challenges, it does nothing to cater for people who work outwith ordinary dayshift hours. If I can’t honour a commitment, I won’t make one out of respect for those who would be disappointed and, more importantly, myself.
Werner Erhard has described integrity as saying what you are going to do and doing it. Integrity came to the fore again last week, I was at a wedding, but had to miss the dinner and evening reception because I had to go to work. Someone said to me, “ Why don’t you phone in sick, they’re making you redundant anyway?” As far as I’m concerned my contract is equivalent to my word, I had said I would work and so I worked. I do take time off sick, but only when I am too ill to work. That I am about loose my job because of a piece of, what appears to be, blatant asset stripping does not justify my reciprocating with equal dishonesty. When I act with integrity I honour myself and I declare a commitment to a value and to a standard of conduct. When those around me, whether friends of employers, even family, behave dishonestly it becomes doubly important to hold firm to integrity. Our society’s decline may be measured in the numbers who felt it acceptable to compromise their moral values.
It is essential that our word is clear and our definitions agreed so that misunderstandings do not arise. Integrity is saying what we will do and doing it. However it is not in integrity to communicate ambiguously to allow oneself wriggle room; if one cannot deliver as promised, then one should renegotiate one’s agreement. An ambiguous declaration suggests an ambiguity of commitment inconsistent with integrity. Jesus said, “Let your yes be yes, and your no be no” that I say something should be sufficient. If I am not prepared to deliver on my word, I should not utter it, better to remain silent. I have said before that words have power, our own words used without integrity have the power to destroy us, our reputation, our own understanding of who we are. I am not proud when I am in integrity, I am just grateful that I am myself and remain true to myself.


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