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Early Hours
September 23, 2013, 04:05
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And so, once again, as so often, I am awake at half past three when I should be sleep. I actually woke a couple of hours ago, but I’ve been lying in my bed going desperately that sleep might return, As so often it has not. I suppose I might find it easier to sleep if being awake were of less concern, but I worry I will not get the sleep I need. Eventually I find myself lying in the dark desperately struggling to nod off. I play soothing music, self hypnosis CDs, “I Can Make You Sleep” oh no you bloody can’t! I have grandparenting duties in a few hours and then a break until my nightshift, and so I am desperate to sleep, and the desperation keeps me awake. I understand the mechanism, but it’s not helping.

So now I am in a “break state”. I am up, sitting downstairs with a glass of “Gold Top” – bad for my waistline, good for my soul. As yet my cat’s soothing presence has not induced sleep, but sitting here beside him, as he gently purrs is quite relaxing, now that he’s given up head butting my arm to make me fuss him. Oops, I spoke, l or rather wrote, too soon, still he’s very pleasant company. I almost said, “in the silence”, but his purring is but one of many sounds in this long night. I shall shortly return to my bed , perhaps to sleep. Ok as I’m up I’ll just have a quick look at Facebook, hopefully that may provide an antidote to insomnia.



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