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Invasion of Privacy
September 24, 2013, 03:59
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I was saddened to learn as I read my Micro Mart that our intelligence forces have cracked “most of the cryptography of the internet” and so felt obliged to check the cited articles in the Guardian  and New York Times 
What comes out of this is that you have no secrets online. Your emails to your lawyer are available to the security forces, this enables them to preempt any action a lawyer may take in, for example, an extradition appeal. It enables evidence to be altered even before a solicitor requests it. If someone holds any sort of public position, the security forces are privy to their discussions; should they make the mistake of communicating with a lover electronically they immediately make themselves vulnerable to manipulation by the securely forces.

More worryingly the articles show that your online banking is not secure. Not only are the details of your online banking available to the security, but they could, should it suit them, even tamper with your finances. None of your online financial transactions whether banking or shopping is secure.

The internet is so very convenient, and we all use it every day. However we need to reevaluate our relationship with it because we are actively, if unwittingly, exposing ourselves to manipulation by the security forces. I have an old fashioned love of letter writing, I know I shall never again use email except for things that don’t particularly matter and are not personal.

One thing we could all do, which would adequately express a refusal to allow the security forces to manipulate us, is to refuse to have any online financial dealings. No online banking, no emails to banks, no online shopping, not Amazon, nor eBay, next Tesco nor any other online shopping. We little people have no power to interfere with the snooping of the security forces, but were companies like Amazon threatened with bankruptcy, I am sure questions would be asked. The internet allows immediacy, but much of what we must do is not so urgent, were we to resort to the technologies of the last century for as many things as possible, we would protect our privacy and create a demand for proper regulation of the interaction of the security forces with the internet.


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