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September 28, 2013, 23:46
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My daughter is nearly ready to move into her new flat,  and with her will move her children,  our grandchildren.  Soon Neelam and I will have our house to ourselves, but,  I realise, we will miss them.  I have been walking around the house noticing the space that we will once more have at our disposal, and I have been making plans for the rearrangement of our space. The space will seem so much emptier without children in it. There is a way in which children can fill a space that somehow makes the space feel smaller without them.


I am looking forward to being alone with my wife, it is a year since our space was our own. I will miss the little people hugs that begin and end the day. I will miss the questions that only children think to ask, the sort of questions that make sense of the world because they look at it without our accumulated filters. I will miss their little voices and their laughter. I will even miss the chaos that springs up in their wake. I am reasonably certain I will not miss the Disney channel with its prematurely sexualised young girls and banal pop music.


The house will be quiet, so quiet,  without them. I am looking forward to clearing the house, I have paint colour cards, I have ideas. Soon I shall have space, I shall have no interruptions,  I shall be able to get things done,  but I will miss the children. Oh well, we will still have the cat.



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