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The Real Mrs Brown
September 29, 2013, 23:35
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I have just read ” The Real Mrs. Brown” Brian Beacom’s biography of Brendan O’Carroll. it was a fascinating read. Brendan O’Carroll is a star and very successful,  this book makes it clear that success may have come,  but it didn’t come easily. The book rattles along at a good pace, because O’Carroll has had an eventful life. Beacom has had extensive access to O’Carroll and his family and friends and never misses an opportunity to tell the story in the words of the players.

The book begins before Brendan O’Carroll was born and establishes O’Carroll’s life inthe context of twentieth century Dublin. The book is worth reading just to learn about his mother Maureen who was at a member of the Dáil Eireann, a campaigner for women’s rights, and a Trades Union activist. I was fascinated by the several careers O’Carroll tried before turning to comedy,  but it was obvious he was destined for ultimate success. In whatever he did he was determined to be the best and to provide value. He has always had a personal commitment to his customers,  whether he was waiting on their tables, or entertaining them from the stage. He is no diva,  he knows what he owes to his audience and he gives back.

Another thing I have learned is how highly he values friendship. Over the years he has gathered around him what is described in the book as a “family”. They return his loyalty and he can count on them. As the book unfolds we see the cast of Mrs. Brown’s boys coming together as well as learning the events that inspired the content.

Over the years O’Carroll has suffered some terrible blows, lost loved ones,  known poverty,  failed in business several times,  but he never gave up. He has held to his values of loyalty,  hard work and excellence, but above all he has always believed in himself.  Of course he is also possessed of a prodigious talent, until I read the book I had not realised the extent of his creative output. What I had also not realised is the extent of his return to the community, he has always been generous to charity even when facing destitution.  One of the many causes he supports is the provision of educational resources to autistic children,  Brendan O’Carroll says he doesn’t understand why autistics enjoy Mrs Brown; my response, as an autistic,  is because she is funny and genuine. Brian Beacom has produced an absorbing, enjoyable biography that not only tells a story,  but captures the essence of the real Mrs Brown.


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Thanks for the very kind review. Brendan’s story is indeed amazing and I hope I’ve done it justice. What’s undoubtable is he connects with so many, on different levels.

Brian Beacom

Comment by Brian Beacom

I have Asperger’s, I don’t do kind, I do honest. May I thank you for your part in bringing Mrs Brown to our televisions, few programmes give me so much joy.

Comment by springingtiger

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