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I Love My Nexus 7!
October 1, 2013, 21:57
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For my sixtieth birthday Neelam’s mother and sisters gave me money for a new Google Nexus 7. I had to wait for a couple of weeks until the tablet was released,  even then I did not rush out to buy one. I wondered whether to buy the 34Gb with LTE or without.  I knew that as I am going to use it for watching films,  and as it has no SD card slot I needed the maximum storage. I checked on the Android forums (that really should be fora) and decided that I would be able to tether the Nexus 7 to my Samsung Galaxy S2 so would not need LTE. On Sunday I went out and bought my Nexus 7.

I was pleased to discover that tethering the tablet to my phone was easier than the forum answers had led me to expect and did not require me to download any apps to do so. The tablet is very nippy and the screen is very clear. I have had no difficulty transferring DVDS from my PC via USB, I think a USB port is essential particularly where the Internet is unreliable. Yesterday I downloaded an episode of New Tricks on BBC IPlayer and watched it this morning, very smooth. I had no difficulty installing my essential apps like Google Drive and Facebook.

Although I have been using an Android phone for some time,  I have never, hitherto, used Google Play Books. While I was installing my apps Google Play kindly,  although without invitation (not sure I totally approve of that!),  loaded three of my favourite books to my Nexus 7.  I have started reading,  yet again,  The Three Musketeers.  The text is pin sharp, and it is easy to enlarge it. The pages flip over more easily than a paper volume and a wee touch in the top right corner marks the page.  I realised as I marked my page that I had done everything without any instructions,  it occurs to me that I haven’t even looked for any because using the Nexus 7 is so intuitive. When I was in the shop I played with the Surface tablets,  and I didn’t like them, I think I’d need a lot of practice before I could feel comfortable with them.  I am no geek, but I have found the Nexus 7 both easy and a pleasure to use,  I thoroughly recommend it to my fellow “silver surfers”.

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