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My YES Vote

I see Theresa May wore a suit to the Conservative Party Conference that cost £1,190 and her shoes cost another £216, thus one outfit that for most of us would cost two months pay. Ffion Hague’s dress cost about a week’s wages for us. It must be obvious that the Tories are out of touch with ordinary people; they are certainly out of touch with the people of Scotland, which is why they have only one Scottish seat in the  Westminster Parliament.   It disgusts me that they can be so insensitive as to impose wage restrictions and cut pensions and benefits while flaunting their wealth. Some MPs claim more in breakfasts than ordinary people have for a full day’s food, the difference is we buy our own food, they claim thousands in travel expenses while we pay out own way. They have a cheek to call anyone, “scroungers”!

I shall vote Yes because I believe in democracy. No party has a right to govern any country if it cannot get a mandate from the people of that country. The Conservative party treats Scotland as a colony upon which it can impose unpopular policies contrary to the will of the people. As long as Scotland remains a colony, no matter what she votes,  her will can be overridden  by her southern masters. It is not only the Tories who are the enemy of democratic freedom, recent remarks from the likes of Margaret Curran and Andy Burnham demonstrate a willingness to restrict Scottish freedom. I think they feel a need to punish the Scottish people because Labour sees their refusal to automatically elect Labour Members, the way they used to, as a betrayal.

I have been appalled at the dishonesty and threats of the No campaign who have made it very clear that, should we become independent, England will set out to destroy us economically. They are, I believe,  misrepresenting the relative economic strength of our countries,  however they could do us considerable damage.  That they are threatening us demonstrates their contempt for the people of Scotland. Whatever way the people of Scotland vote this is the first time they have been consulted on whether they want a union of parliaments with England. For four hundred years the ordinary people of Scotland have had a foreign government imposed upon them without ever having been allowed a say in the matter, they have a right to decide who should govern them.

I am at heart an internationalist. I personally believe that all the peoples of the world should share the Earth and all her resources. However under our current political structures that will never be. It is said that if you would change the world, you should begin with yourself.  I believe the same is true of nations, the Scottish have a natural tendency to egalitarianism and cooperation which is not shared by her southern neighbours,  an Independent Scotland can set an example for others to follow. No country should be allowed to impose their rule on another. I am proud that we will soon be able to claim the right to govern ourselves,  peacefully by ballot,  rather than by violence like many other colonies.


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