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The Wee Man
October 6, 2013, 21:20
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I was never going to have another pet after our cat ‘Smudge’ died,  it’s too upsetting when they go. Of course, family have a gift for throwing one off course,  and off course one has been thrown, on several occasions,  all because of my daughter, Ambika.

While Smudge was still with us, at one time Ambika had a hamster she called Halkidiki, a place to which she has not been. Halkidiki used to chase Smudge,  a hamster may chase a cat as long as the hamster is safe within a plastic ball. It was funny to watch Halkidiki chase the cat, the cat was not amused. Then there was Birdybirdy the cockateel. Birdybirdy had been rescued from someone who didn’t look after him properly and neglected him, Birdybirdy loved to interact with people.  He was in a sorry state when we got him, but his spirit and his plumage quickly revived,  and fe was fun to have around. Sadly he was not young, and one morning, about a year after we got him,  I came downstairs to discover him lying dead on the floor of his cage. After Birdybirdy I was determined to never ever have another pet.

My daughter moved back home with her children and with her came the Wee Man,  a black and white cat. He and his brother had been named ”Red Rum” and “Murder”, but had quickly become “Moto” and the “Wee Man”. Ambika had suggested she might hand him to the PDSA, but Neelam and I insisted he too lived with us. The Wee Man has adopted me,  I suspect he finds the younger members of the family too boisterous and noisy,  a point of view we share. The Wee Man was,  prior to moving in with us,  very much a house cat, but now he has a garden,  he spends as much time as he can outside. He, like most cats, will demand to be fussed,  but only when he wants. He likes to sit on the arm of my chair,  or beside me on the bed, he also likes to watch me gardening,  he is very pleasant company. The presence of a cat introduces a sense of calm into a home,  and the Wee Man is no exception,  he makes the house a nicer, warmer place to be. I am enjoying having a cat around the house,  but the Wee Man will be the last.


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