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Honouring My Word As Myself
October 8, 2013, 20:43
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Last night I was exhausted, I couldn’t keep my eyes open, I had to sleep,  but I have said that I will post to my blog every day of the year.  I have pointed out previously that integrity is saying what you are going to do and doing it; the other part of integrity is that when you can’t deliver,  you clean it up. Last night I could not deliver and so posted my explanation.  Technically I am in integrity in so far as I posted,  but I did not meet the standards I expect of myself,  I could not. It is important to integrity to be responsible for your own actions,  I blame no one for last night,  not even my tiredness, I did the bare minimum,  had I maintained my practice of keeping a spare post in reserve there would have been no problem.

One thing  I have learned about integrity is that there is no point in beating myself up; clean up,  move on. Integrity is all about wholeness,  completion,  if it is not empowering,  it is time to reexamine your commitments. I once as a discipline read the Bible every day for a year and had a  One Year Bible for that purpose.  The first time I attempted it I missed a few days and almost gave up in disgust, however someone said to me,  “Why don’t you just carry on from today’s date? ” It occurred to me that even if I had failed to do all I planned  it was more true to who I am to continue.

One essential part of integrity is that the declaration you make must be realistic. It is not in integrity to make a promise which you can’t fulfil. However it is good to make promises that provide a challenge and compel you to become bigger than you have hitherto believed yourself to be.

One concept that I have found useful is that of Honouring one’s word as one’s self. A declaration in integrity comes out of who you are, not other people’s expectations or out of looking good.  Perhaps you can’t give people what they want but you can pull out all the stops and give them what you can give them.  They are responsible for their disappointment. I am responsible for my word,  and the congruence of my behaviour.  Living life in integrity means that looking back at the end of the day there may be events you regret,  but no actions for which you need reproach yourself because you have been your word.



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Good concepts. Be true to you but don’t beat yourself up when you fail to live up to your plans and promises.

Comment by Robert Frost

It is my journey, but I borrowed my compass from Werner Erhard

Comment by springingtiger

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