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The Old Gods


The Old Gods have never really died.  They live on in our unconscious, in our traditions and our folklore.  Were it not so, would Wagner have composed  his Ring Cycle,  or the output of Hollywood be full of fairies, gods and monsters?

The Old Gods still sit on mountain tops and walk in the forests, they still give their names to our rivers and hills. And we still talk of Father Thames,  Mother Nature,  Father Time and, of course, Mother Earth the western name for Bhoomidevi. I have been in the foothills of the Himalayas (named after a god) and looked up at the mountains in awe. I walked our hills skied in the Alps, I stood on our Atlantic and North Sea shores and watched great storm waves crashing onto the beach and I have felt what our ancestors felt and I know why they felt the presence of God in the force of nature. Whatever Science may say to us of natural phenomena it cannot take away the sheer emotional power that nature has over us. I know that there are times when I am feeling drained and unwell when the only thing that can restore me is water and trees.

The Old Gods still survive despite the best efforts of Christians, Jews, Nazis,  Communists, Muslims and Humanists. Despite millennia of persecution they survive. Just as the blood of the martyrs fed the early Christian church, so the far greater quantity of pagan blood shed by Christians and their allies in intolerance continues to feed the Old Gods.

When freed from oppression the old ways quickly revive, as we have seen over the last century. Admittedly our new Druids,  witches and whatever may not be as their forbears were, as modern culture has coloured their religions,  but even allowed to develop without persecution,  religions evolve. Religions and cultures interact, I wonder whether,  without the impact of the female respecting old ways the Christian church would ever have contemplated the ordination of women. Were it not for the cross fertilisation of other traditions, I suspect the Church would still be, as some sects remain,  locked in medeival ignorance.

Neelam was at a conference recently at which Neil Donald Walsh spoke, she purchased the conference recording and I listened to his speech. Although he was very wrong in his assertion that our various systems were set up for the benefit of all, they were very obviously set up for the benefit of the few and the exploitation of the many, he made many good points.  His key point is that there is no separation between human and god nor between human and human. He was very wrong when he said no religion taught that God and man are one. Perhaps he has never come across Advaita, nor triadic Saivism whose essential teaching is the oneness of all things. The expression of oneness used by Jesus “I and my Father are one” is a restatement of, “Sivohum” “I am Siva”

As for me, I will continue to lift up mine eyes unto the hills from whence cometh my strength, although it must be said that for me every hill is Kailas.


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