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Enemies of the State
October 11, 2013, 20:41
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Yesterday I was reading, in the Daily Mail,  Douglas Murray’s commentary on Andrew Parker’s  attack on the Guardian newspaper. It is a classic piece of propaganda.

The language is highly emotive,  “blistering criticisms”, “Blinded by their self-righteousness”, “worse than criminal” and attributes motives to people without any substantiation. Douglas Murray is fond of unsupported assertions like,  “There is not a security expert in the world who believes that the Russian or Chinese intelligence services could not break these codes…”says who? Says Douglas Murray. Apparently “Andrew Parker, is not a man given to exaggeration” how do we know?  Because Douglas Murray says so. Who is this Douglas Murray?  “associate director of the Henry Jackson Society think tank”. I looked online for the Henry Jackson Society,  it is a right wing, pro capitalist,  pro zionist organisation that supports the use of military intervention to settle disputes.  Douglas Murray is hardly an impartial observer.

What about Andrew Parker? He is head of MI5, “Britain’s top spook”, it is reasonable to assume he is an expert in security.  However he is a spy, he is also head of an organisation that has been exposed as abusing human rights (personally I am inclined to forgive them as long as they are keeping me alive,  but that’s just my opinion) it cannot be assumed he is telling the truth,  he has reason not to and comes from a culture of deception.

One thing I did learn from Douglas Murray’s article is that spying on UK citizens is legal because it has been “authorised by two presidents, both Houses of Congress and the American court system”. There was a time when a Home Office warrant would have been necessary, but obviously our Home Office is trumped by the American courts,  who it seems now have jurisdiction over UK citizens in Britain. I still believe Britain should be a sovereign nation, this stooshie reveals that the security forces think otherwise.

Am I biased? Of course, which is why I am only challenging the article without making assertions of my own.


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