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Strictly Winter
October 12, 2013, 21:47
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I used to hate winter with a passion, in many ways I still do and with good reason.  The weather is cold and tends to be wet, I don’t like it. The days are short and the nights are long,  on the four days I work I see no daylight at all, it really does begin to get me down after a while. The garden will soon be looking drab, although the stems of the dogwood lift it a little. Just to make things worse we have the tribulations of Halloween and Christmas to endure.

I used to hate winter with a passion,  however for the last decade winter has had an upside.  Right through to Christmas we have Strictly Come Dancing and I love it. I gorge myself on Strictly, the dancing,  the results and, in between, Strictly It Takes Two. The only bad thing about the program is that someone is eliminated every week, and by week three I want all the contestants to stay in. Sadly this year the professional dancers do not include Erin Boag who has been my favourite from the start. My sorrow at losing Erin has been eased by having Fiona Fullerton as a contestant. Since the early 1970s my view of Alice in Wonderland has been coloured by Ms. Fullerton,  before whom it had never occurred to me that Alice could be sexy. As always I am completely immersed in Strictly Come Dancing.

I don’t know what it is in Strictly that grabs me. I have always loved dancing, I was brought up on Gene Kelly and Fred Astaire, I love musicals. I am not too discriminating,  I love all musicals,  Hollywood,  Bollywood, even British ones. I suppose Strictly brings back glamour with fabulous dresses,  music and dancing and I love it. I may have to go through winter,  but at least I can dance through the first half.


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