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Once again I am running late on my blog and it is entirely my own fault. I was so totally absorbed in what I was doing that everything else vanished from my consciousness. My daughter and my grandchildren have finally moved into their new flat. I was in my daughter’s room armed with notebook, pencil and measuring tape working out how to best utilise the space she has left behind her. I was inspired and totally focused, time stood still for me. However for the rest of the world time moved on.

By a judicious re arrangement of furniture and the installation of a day bed the room can be transformed into a very nice little sitting, consulting room which will double as a spare bedroom. I need to get to work on it soon, as it is only a matter of time before we get a visit from an American friend and I’d like to accommodate him comfortably.

Although there will be some capital outlay I expect to be able to complete the job for less than four hundred pounds and that includes the day bed and mattresses. Because we were in the process of sorting out the house before my daughter moved in, I have already bought the floor covering, which would have added to the cost somewhat.

The job should take very little time. The painting itself will take one day, it is not a large room. If I allow a day for laying the floor covering and a couple for emptying and moving furniture I hope four days will be adequate so I’ll allow myself a week to get the job done. I really do need to have a door made specially for the room to best utilise the space, but it’s not a complicated job.The worst and most time consuming part of the operation will be emptying the room to paint it. There will have to be a sifting and dumping exercise. However that is true of the whole house. The clearing and tidying exercise has been on hold for a year, but now, while I am on holiday, it begins again. I’m actually quite excited, but oh, there’s a lot to do now we have the house to ourselves again. As the saying goes, Watch this space!


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A worthy project, yours.

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