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Holiday Dreaming
October 14, 2013, 22:42
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I am on holiday, not that you would notice it, so far the highlight has been cleaning the kitchen. However at the moment I am writing this on a train to Edinburgh,  making use of Scotrail’s complimentary wi-fi. We are on our way to the launch of Gary Younge’s book “The Speech” about the “I have a dream” speech of the Reverend Martin Luther King Junior. It is half a century since the March for Jobs and Freedom descended on Washington DC. I was reflecting today, on how much change I have seen in my life, largely because the gas engineer who came today to check our boiler is a woman.  When Dr. King was campaigning for human rights for African Americans in the Sixties the likelihood of finding a female engineer outside the Soviet Union would have been miniscule,  but the world has changed,  often subtly, in many cases,  not yet enough.

However as Gary Younge made very clear in his question and answer session,  that we see some members of any minority who are successful,  does not mean that the group as a whole no longer experience discrimination.  Gary’s talk was interesting, and illuminated the place of the speech in history and the context in which it was delivered. Today the Speech is embedded in our culture and in our conscious, but it was, at the time, not seen as the turning point which it, in hindsight, proved to be. He accepted that there have been changes and improvements, but we cannot take improvement for granted. The task is not yet completed and every gain can only be retained by constant vigilance.

I have started reading the book and am enjoying it; don’t wait for my review, buy the book.


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