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Sore Feet, Happy Smile

I had not realized how much my fitness levels have declined until today. I was fortunate to find myself at Strathblane with time on my hands, surrounded by beautiful countryside, I took advantage of the opportunity to go for a walk. There were several possible choices, I decided that the Glengoyne distillery should be on my route. I set off on the Glengoyne Distillery Loop, a mere twelve kilometers with no excessive gradients, although I was entertaining the possibility of climbing Dumgoyne.

I used, in my youth, to walk a lot and I loved walking so today was a treat. It is some years since I last got out into the countryside for a good walk, although Neelam and I have had the occasional gentle stroll. Today Neelam had other things to do, so it was my day and my pace. I set out at a good clip quickly climbing up past Campsie Dene, but by the time I had to finally decide whether to climb Dumgoyne, I had become aware that the sensible thing was to head straight to the distillery. I did the sensible thing, much as I’d have liked the climb, hills are the wrong place to overestimate one’s physical capacity.

The return leg of the loop back to Strathblane was via the West Highland Way. Again there were no steep gradients and the climb, at most, was a couple of hundred feet, perhaps less. By the time I was re-entering Blanefield, on the road, I was aware that both my feet and legs were beginning to complain and I was not looking forward to the uphill climb back to the Strathblane Country House Hotel. My steps were slow and I felt each step, few sights have been as welcome as the hotel was to me.

I was tired, but it was a good tiredness. However it is very clear to me that I need to rebuild my stamina, the extra two stone I am carrying was no help either. I arrived back gasping for a cup of tea and then I went straight into a hot bath to ease the aches; the bath helped, but I really need to get in condition again. I finished a good day with a magnificent dinner and a glass of Glengoyne, getting back into condition can wait until tomorrow.


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I began to get back into shape after I hurt my back lifting Mom. After a few months in the gym and pool, I began to do stronger exercises and am more fit than in decades. Feels good.

Comment by Robert Frost

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