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October 18, 2013, 23:42
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The News today is full of Jeremy Hunt’s call for children to care for elderly parents as many Asian families do. Of course Jeremy Hunt is a Conservative, so one must assume that his motivation is to save money by shifting the cost of care from the state to the citizens. The increasing cost of living and restrictions on pay are forcing people to work longer hours just to meet their obligations, many are falling short, many do not have the capacity to take on additional responsibilities.

However we have lost some of the family closeness we used to enjoy. It is the price we pay for increased mobility and the cost of ambition. Once upon a time we would have followed our parents into their professions, but now we expect each generation to surpass the previous. As parents we hope our children will go on to greater things even if that means watching them departing to the other side of the world. It is too easy to become distant.

it is too easy to become so absorbed in our own lives that we lose our connections with those who really matter.  When we have allowed resentment and anger to colour our relationships, connections break that much more surely. There was a heart warming moment in the latest episode of Young Montalbano, when Salvo’s anger against his father is melted by their shared love for Salvo’ mother who died when he was a child. The things we share are far more important than those that separate us. When our relationships are under threat it is worth remembering the things that we share,  often the things we share are other people. No relationship includes only two people, we owe it to those in orbit around our relationships to take them into consideration.
Relationships develop and change and sometimes grow cold. We owe it to ourselves and those around us to, at least,  eschew bitterness and resentment. We mt have to move on,  let us move on happily and behind us leave happy memories.


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