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Happy Hudl (a non-geek point of view)
October 19, 2013, 23:26
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Neelam has a Hudl. For a few years she has been using an iPad for Ambulance Service business and has been thinking about buying her own tablet. I recently got a Nexus 7 for my birthday, no sooner had I got my hands on it than Tesco released the Hudl. The Hudl has been very well reviewed by computer magazines. The specs look good and the price of only £119.00 is very good.

The Hudl may be half the price of the Nexus 7,  but it is not half the tablet. I am very impressed by the Hudl.  It does take a little longer to start than my Nexus,  but it is not appreciably slower in use. The screen does not have as high a definition as the Nexus,  but I find it perfectly sharp enough. My Nexus may have a larger memory,  but the Hudl has a micro SDHC slot. Hudl’s operating system is Android Jelly Bean so anyone familiar with Android can just pick it up and use it; those unfamiliar with Android may take a few minutes longer. The Hudl is a pleasure to use.

I love my Google Nexus 7,  however had I had the choice I may well have bought the Hudl instead.  The Nexus may be the better tablet,  but the Hudl is as good a tablet as anyone could need. In terms of value I cannot see how the Hudl can be bettered, particularly when Club Card users can buy it using their Club Card coupons on a two for one offer that effectively makes the price £60.00. I do not regret buying the Nexus,  but it makes me realise just how good the Hudl is. I like the Hudl,  I like the Hudl a lot.


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I think the hudl is a fabulous piece of design. It fills a niche of a quality tablet at a bargain price. Most tablets in the same proce bracket are rubbish; anything better is generall far more expensive.

Tesco will do very well with this tablet!

Comment by Hudl User

They deserve to do well, the Hudl makes tablet use available to the masses, interestingly I notice there are some very good deals available on various there tablets from manufacturers like Samsung, I think the Hudl has stirred things up a bit.

Comment by springingtiger

It most certainly has stirred things up. Note that companies like Argos are bringing out cheap (But inferior) tablets in an attempt to compete and as you rightly say “branded” offerings have come down in price in response.

I think Tesco saw a nice that wasn’t covered by the major players, namely non-techy customers wanting a simple, quality tablet but not wanting to invest too much time and money.

As someone pointed out to me the other day, Tesco need the hudl to be good as they want their customers to return next week to do their shopping. If they pushed out a cr@p tablet this would result in dis-satisfied customers who’d choose to shop elsewhere in future.

Other types of store don’t care as much as customers only shop there on an infrequent basis.

Comment by Hudl User

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