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More Winter Blues


I really am more tired in winter.  I am starting this on the bus to work,  I do not enjoy travelling to work in the dark.  Tonight is less pleasant than usual,  the bus is full of children in their Halloween costumes. I hate being surrounded by noisy and excitable children,  personally I would ban Halloween,  come back Oliver Cromwell all is forgiven.

I seem to go into limbo during winter,  the wet weather keeps me out of the garden and the lack of sunlight prevents me from adequately renewing my energy. That I work at night and sleep by day just makes things life more challenging,  it is a trade off of sanity against health. On the plus side I have a full spectrum light box plugged in and ready; I think this year I shall start using it earlier, some years I don’t need it until after Christmas. 

Christmas,  that’s another reason to bring back Cromwell.  While I appreciate that some people need a break in the midwinter, I find the enforced jollity tedious. The goodwill I have for all people is expressed in doing no evil, I see no reason to socialise with them as well. The only reason I see to celebrate midwinter is that it marks the end of the declining light and the start of the move towards Spring.

Today I received my formal notice of redundancy,  it is nice to have something to which to look forward. Soon I shall not have to travel to work in the cold, the rain and the dark, I suppose there is an upside to redundancy.

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