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Tired and Happy

Today I have started four days off. Usually I spend much of the first day in my bed, but today Neelam organized a spa day for us so I only got a couple of hours sleep before we went out. We spent a little time using the leisure club at the Hilton Hotel in Glasgow’s Argyle Street before our massages. I may have been spoilt by the Norton House with its therapy pool, but the leisure club at the Hilton has all the facilities anyone needs; jacuzzi, steam room, sauna and gym.

We were booked in for back, neck and shoulder massages and facials. It was a good massage, I frequently find that the beauty therapists employed by spas can’t use enough pressure, however I have no complaints about the massage today. The pressure was firm enough and the therapist knew how to use her elbows, always a good sign. I am a massage therapist and not an authority on facials, but I enjoyed the facial. I fell asleep during the massage, I always fell that indicates a degree of relaxation. The massage left me feeling relaxed and de-stressed.

I got home, sat in my recliner and slept for a few hours, a few good hours and awoke feeling refreshed. I will still sleep tonight, in fact I think I am going to sleep better than I have in days. After four nights at work I am tired, after my visit to the spa, I am happy. Tonight I am tired and happy, that’s got to be a good thing; now to bed before the world intrudes on my thoughts again.


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