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Halloween and Other Horrors

I hate Halloween, I’m sorry, but I do. I hate anyone coming to my door unannounced at any time, for any reason; it is considerably worse when they come masked demanding sweets and going for money. At the moment it is pouring with rain, I hope it will keep the Ricky treater’s indoors. I firmly believe that Halloween visits should be prearranged so that people can be prepared for them. I don’t think some parents realize how traumatic it can be to have makes strangers banging on one’s door after dark. I am always tempted to react aggressively to what occurs for me as a violation of my privacy, I see no reason why people should feel they have a right to knock on my door unannounced just because it is Halloween. When I was a child we had no Trick or Treat, it is an unpleasant import from a more primitive and vulgar culture and I do not appreciate its moral debasement of our children. Actually, I suppose the bottom line is that I have Asperger’s syndrome and Trick or Treat violates the order and equilibrium of my life, I think it only fair that I should be unpleasant in return.

Bonfire night is another matter entirely. I like bonfire night, I love the colours of the fireworks. Bonfire night is noisy, but I am prepared for that. Nowadays I usually spend the night at home enjoying the fireworks from a distance, my double glazing solves the noise problem. Like Halloween, I believe, that bonfire night should be properly organized in advance, any event that combines fire and explosives is potentially dangerous. As a child I accepted the traditional celebratory aspect of bonfire night; as an adult I treat it as a commemoration of the bravery and commitment of Guido Fawkes, and a celebration of all who stand against tyranny, “Expect Us”. Don’t forget to support the Million Mask March!

The last tribulation of the year is Christmas with its shallow, enforced jollity and mawkish sentimentality. I have often commented that parents who teach their children to believe in Santa Claus are teaching them that it is acceptable to lie, neither do those parents have any ground for complaint when their children follow their example and lie to them. Theologically and politically the timing of Christmas to coincide with the celebrations of the new year’s birth practiced by older religions makes sense. However there is no evidence that if Jesus of Nazareth existed his birthday were in December. Don’t get me wrong, just because I hate Christmas doesn’t make me a Scrooge, I believe the new year should be celebrated. I don’t like parties and most crowds of people myself. However the start of the lengthening days is a cause for celebration and a good time to commit to new beginnings, new projects and to lay the past to rest.

There is good reason to celebrate in midwinter, there is reason to remember the Fifth of November, but until Halloween is restored to a commemoration of the dead it is best left uncelebrated.


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I do so agree with everything you say. We left the UK in 1985 to live and work broad for 18 years. When we came back- there was Halloween! It had not existed before. I loathe it’s shallow nastiness and implicit threats. Our 22 year old Asperger’s daughter is very frightened of it. She woudn’t leave the house today and i had to put up a (downloadable) police notic on the door saying No Trick Or Treaters
Yes, and i absolutely agree with yo about Christmas, too !

Comment by Judith Vaughan

I was visited by trick and treaters tonight, I have to say they were all polite, friendly and stood back from the door.

Comment by springingtiger

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