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Thoughts on Boredom

I am starting this after having been sitting in a hospital for two and a half hours,  it feels longer.  I agreed to accompany my mother-in-law to hospital for a routine check and it’s lasting forever. I get fed up when the traffic lights take too long to change, I am hating this. It might not be so bad had I had enough sleep, but I didn’t and this sitting, waiting is very draining. I brought a magazine with me and have finished it, the magazines in the waiting room are well out of date and I mean years. I feel like Tony Hancock on a Sunday.

Now looking back from the evening I realise I dislike sitting doing nothing unless I’m meditating, but I suppose,  that occurs as a useful occupation. I like my time to be,  in my opinion, productively utilised. If there is any place in which I hate waiting more than a hospital,  I cannot think of one. There is something that always depresses me about hospitals, I don’t know whether it’s the number of people I know who have died in hospital or merely that hospitals are boring. I mean boring for those sitting waiting,  hospitals need fast,  free wifi in the waiting areas.

I like my Nexus 7, there was a time when waiting was only made bearable by adequate quantities of books. I only need a set of earphones and I need never again face boredom again.  It is not so very long ago that a portable tape player was the height of portable entertainment,  since then I have enjoyed a portable cd player,  then an iPod and a portable DVD player and a Sony Reader. It was a great day when I discovered I could watch films on my iPod. Now with my Nexus 7 I am in a whole new world; I have several films and television series,  books, and Internet access all in my pocket. I could have music on my tablet too, but I still like my iPod,  and it shows no inclination to retire any time soon, anyway I haven’t completely filled its hard drive yet. With my tablet, the Internet, Freemake, I need never be bored. Were I more interested in entertainment I might subscribe to a film download service. I need never be bored again,  let’s hope, with all my new opportunities for distraction, I don’t stop doing the other things I want to.


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Your words on the dangers of distraction are poignant and timely

Comment by Robert Frost

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