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Two Months To Go
November 1, 2013, 23:26
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I only have two months to go of my challenge to post to my blog every day for a whole year. I will be glad when it is over, it’s not that I have not enjoyed it, I have, but it does put me under a lot of pressure. The two biggest challenges are finding the time and thinking of some thing about which to write.

I have set myself a deadline of midnight every day to complete my task. Sometimes I have posted slightly late, usually because I have not allowed enough time for the vagaries of the internet. It is frustrating when I think I have finished successfully, only to discover my post has been saved to draft on WordPress rather than having been published. Last night I tethered my tablet to my phone to get my blog posted, as time goes by I am picking up all sorts of tricks. I may not have time to edit as fully as I’d like, but I still need to attend to technical details. Some nights find me desperately typing well after eleven o clock at night in order to meet my deadline. Having a deadline to meet provides an invaluable discipline, meeting it provides an invaluable sense of accomplishment. I have learned to seize moments to write in-between other activities; it is futile to expect to get my days writing completed in one uninterrupted session, but it remains a dream.

Finding content can be a challenge. Sometimes the events of my day provide me with both inspiration and material. On occasion something read in the newspapers or seen on television may inspire reflection and comment. As this year has unfolded I have increasingly found myself using “flow of consciousness” techniques, it is very much like Lectio Divina (still, after many years, one of my favourite spiritual practices; easy to do, but not easy to do well.) except without the reading; I tend to find “flow of consciousness” particularly suited to those occasions when I am writing in my bath (preferable to writing in library books; you know who you are, desist!). Writing in ones bath may itself become material for a blog, possibly with references to Comrade Marat and Charlotte Corday (note to self: Check spellings of proper nouns). One thing I have learned is that there is plenty about which to write in this world, if inspiration is particularly elusive I pick any subject, perhaps from one of the books in my library, an old memory or perhaps a trivial incident, and write about it; as well as being a useful discipline in its own right, it frequently unlocks the doors for inspiration to enter.

Only two months to go, the end is in sight and I am quite excited. It will be good to no longer be under this pressure; the funny thing is that I think I’m going to miss it. I don’t have to though,  do I?


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