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I was amused to discover, as I tried to catch up with my email, that  November is  National Blog Posting Month. My amusement arose out my having posted yesterday about my personal challenge to post to my blog every day of the year. I think NaBloPoMo is a great idea.

The women’s blog site BlogHer now hosts the event,  but I see no reason why a man should not try the challenge. I tried to register my blog for the NaBloPoMo,  but I don’t think it worked. On reflection,  it might have been a bit unfair as I have been posting every day for ten months, so instead I shall give it a big shout. You only have until November the Fifth (Million Mask March Day) to register,  be quick,  Do It NOW!

Seriously if you are an occasional Blogger, or want to get started on blogging,  this is a great opportunity.  If you check the NaBloPoMo pages on BlogHer you will find all sorts of tips and advice to help you meet the NaBloPoMo challenge. I have written of some of the challenges I have had to overcome over the year, I wish I had known about NaBloPoMo earlier. BlogHer hosts NaBloPoMo as a year round resource,  so even if you are not taking up the challenge do, please,  take a look.


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