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Blogging and ASD

The first ever blogging challenge I took on was, a few years ago, when I undertook to post a blog every day of Autism Awareness Month. I found it tough then, even now, after a few years and the past ten months of daily blogging,  it is a challenge. Sometimes it is less difficult because I have planned a series of blogs, but most of the time each day is a new beginning

It was autism that provided the impetus that had me blog regularly.  In the first couple of years after my diagnosis of Asperger’s Syndrome I was quite obsessive and blogged about autism ad nauseum. I was on a voyage of discovery, and writing about my autism, and the things I was learning about autism, helped me make sense of it all. It also helped me make friends all over the world,  I have Asperger’s,  I like my friends to be at a distance.

Since those first obsessive days I have broadened my subject matter; however I still describe myself as an “autism blogger” because my autism colours my perception of the world. My reason for writing remains,  primarily,  to aid my own understanding of the world; to a very great extent, it is only by reading what I write, that I am able to understand what I have been thinking. It is a strategy for processing information that works for me, it must be admitted that it is not the fastest method of assimilating data, but it’s my method. The bottom line is that I write for me. When Ian Dury was criticised for writing the anthem “Spasticus Autisticus” as it might offend some donors to the Spastic Society’, his reply was, “I didn’t write it for them!”

I write for me,  if others derive pleasure or benefit from what I write I am delighted,  but should they not I will not apologise. Besides I have discovered that some people like some of the pieces I write and others like other pieces I have written. I think I best serve my readers by being true to myself.


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Carry on, have very much enjoyed your pieces

Comment by Nadeem

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