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Today I am angry,  anger brought on by two pieces of news. The first  was that there will be 4, 847 children homeless in Scotland this Christmas;  Shelter says there will be more than 80, 000 across the UK.  The second piece of information to fuel the fire was that a Conservative Member of the Westminster Parliament, despite being a millionaire,  had claimed £5, 822 in heating expenses for his second home and he was only one of many.
This comes on top of the news last month that MPs are about to get an eleven percent pay rise while clinging onto a raft of allowances.
While many of us can’t afford to heat our homes,  at a time when benefits are being cut.

I have, in the past, vented my upset at the rise of food banks in the UK as a direct result of Conservative policies. The government crows that unemployment has fallen,  what it fails to address is that most of the new jobs are part time, underemployment is rising,  People cannot get enough hours to pay all their expenses.  Their crowing also conceals that many of these jobs come with “Zero Hours” contracts where a worker is not guaranteed work,  but his pay is based on the hours he or she works, thus condemning them to weeks without pay or with very little.  Zero Hours contracts are being used to make it appear that the Conservatives have done something to reduce unemployment, it is an illusion that conceals the falling living standards of ordinary people and the increasing poverty of the most vulnerable.

There are those who will say that in a democratic system we must accept, sometimes,  a government for which we did not vote.  However in Scotland we have imposed upon us from England a government to which the majority of Scots are vehemently opposed. It is obvious that Alastair Darling and the Better Together campaign have a vested interest in opposing independence, they might have to work for a living.  As long as we remain bound to England we will have to endure Conservative governments. As far as I can see we have a choice between two revolutions either we vote for independence or we change the UK system of government.

Some would say it is selfish to look after our interests and cast adrift the English working class, but the honourable alternative is to clear the Houses of Parliament and start again. I am not advocating violence, heaven forbid,  but were People’s courts to hang every Westminster MP, at the least we could elect a new lot whose primary interest was not feathering their nests at the expense of ordinary people. Indeed should we not choose independence we should at least get rid of every greedy MP as an alternative.  Tomorrow is the Million Mask March celebrating Guy Fawkes; perhaps now is the time to bring to and end this corrupt and exploitative system. On the other hand, if you live in Scotland,  you could just VOTE YES!


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