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There used to be, on Radio Clyde,¬† when I was considerably younger,¬† the most wonderful radio program, “Serendipity” hosted by Ken Sykora. I discovered Sykora late in his career by happy accident which,¬† as he explained each week,¬† is what Serendipity is all about.¬† I only mention Ken Sykora because my life seems particularly serendipitous at the moment.

Recently I bought a DVD called “Lionheart”; I watched it last night and discovered to my delight that it is,¬† in fact, a remake of The Lion in Winter starring Patrick Stewart and Glen Close. I had not realised that there had been a remake so this was indeed a discovery by happy accident.¬† Happy because I thoroughly enjoyed the film.

Recently I bought a Google Nexus 7 and discovered,  as I mentioned in an earlier post,  that Google Play had put The Three Musketeers in its library.  The book is one of my all time favourites, but it was several years since I had last read it; I have enjoyed rereading it. Very serendipitous.

Some mornings, as I return home on the Number Nineteen, my grandchildren meet me on the bus. This morning,¬† sadly,¬† they did not get on the Nineteen. However,¬† much to my annoyance, the Nineteen broke down and I had to get off and take the Sixty-One.¬† I had been on the Sixty-One for only a few seconds when I heard a shout of, “Nana, Nana” and there were my grandchildren and my daughter;¬† I was so pleased I forgot to upbraid them for omitting the “ji” that should have followed “Nana”.¬† Another happy accident,¬† or, at least,¬† engine failure.

We live on a hillside in the Glasgow suburbs. Today as I stood at the bus stop, to come into work, I was able to watch several fireworks displays simultaneously. Whether this is Serendipity, it is certainly a happy coincidence of circumstances,  even down to the leaf fall, that meant my view was not obscured by trees.

I mentioned a couple of days ago that shortly after posting a blog about my challenges in blogging every day of the year, I discovered that November is National Blog Posting Month (NaBloPoMo). I only discovered it because WordPress sends me emails, thanks to that email I now have access to a useful blogging resource. Another happy accident. Tonight, as I put this blog together, I felt it appropriate to double check the spelling of “Sykora”. I am glad I did as I found links to recordings of several of Ken Sykora’s radio shows,¬† I shall be listening to them on my days off.¬† My life has been full of happy accidents from the start; had not my mother been a Wren (WRNS) and my father not one of the naval officers she drove to their ships, I would not have been here now.¬† Serendipity, I love it.


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